BRILLIaNCE Contract Tender Opportunity


Blackburn’s Rivers Important to Lancashire Landscape Investment and Natural Capital Economy – BRILLIaNCE – is a project that seeks to make physical improvements to the conservation status of the river habitats of the River Darwen (a major tributary of the River Ribble) and the River Roddlesworth.  It aims to do this by increasing the riverine habitat connectivity.  For this project, this specifically looks to create a new “close to nature” river channel and “rock ramp” on the River Roddlesworth that by-passes a culvert under the former Sappi Paper Mill site and enables fish to ascend a weir via a rock ramp.  This project is a partnership between Blackburn Waterside Regeneration and Ribble Rivers Trust (RRT), with funding from the partners and through the European Structural Infrastructure Fund.  Although this project is below the thresholds for a full procurement procedure under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 – RRT is still under and obligation to ensure compliance with EU principles of transparency, equality and non-discrimination, as such RRT is conducting a formal open tender process in which all bidders will be treated equally, with no discrimination and through a transparent process.

Set out below are the Tender Documents:

Document Reference Title
BCNRC 01 Invitation to Tender Letter
BCNRC 02 Contract Data NEC Option A Rev B
BCNRC 03 Local Condition 1 Form
BCNRC 04 Tender Return Assessment Matrix
BCNRC 05 Procurement Timetable
BCNRC 06 Designers Risk Assessment
BCNRC 07 Specification CESWI 7 Stage 2B and C Rev B
EVY0459-01-201 Section 1 – stage 1a – Location Plan for weirs
EVY0459-02-201 Section 2 – stage 2b – General Arrangement
EVY0459-02-202 Section 2 – stage 2b – working area
EVY0459-02-203 Section 2 – stage 2b – Long Section
EVY0459-02-204 Section 2 – stage 2b – Pool-riffle detail
EVY0459-02-206 Section 2 – stage 2b – Cross Section – banks
EVY0459-02-208 Section 2 – stage 2b – planting plan
EVY0459-02-209 Section 2 – stage 2b – planting section
EVY0459-02-221 Section 2 – Stage 2c – construction sequence upstream
EVY0459-02-222 Section 2 – Stage 2c – construction sequence downstream
RRWWFP01 Section1 – – Stage 1a – rock ramp Plan
RRWWFP02 Section1 – – Stage 1a – rock ramp Sections
The following drawings and files give details of the work undertaken within the stage 2A enabling contract for the excavation of the channel to the commencing surface for the Section 2 Stage 2b and 2c works
EVY0459-02-211 Section 2 – Stage 2a – excavation profile setting out
EVY0459-02-212 Section 2 – Stage 2a – bed long section
EVY0459-02-213 Section 2 – Stage 2a – cut and fill sections sheet 1
EVY0459-02-214 Section 2 – Stage 2a – cut and fill sections sheet 2
EVY0459-02-215 Section 2 – Stage 2a – cut and fill sections sheet 3
EVY0459-02-901 Topographic survey (available on request)
Aerial Photography composite_transparent_mosaic_group1.tif (available on request)
Survey Point Cloud Unfiltered pointcloud 20cm resolution (available on request)