BRILLIaNCE Contract Tender Opportunity BPC02




Although the deadline for clarifications has passed, we have decided to respond to a number of clarification requests.  These can be found here.  Additionally the Environmental Permit as issued by the Environment Agency has been made available here.

A new contract opportunity is now open – BPC02

Blackburn’s Rivers Important to Lancashire Landscape Investment and Natural Capital Economy – BRILLIaNCE – is a project that seeks to make physical improvements to the conservation status of the river habitats of the River Darwen (a major tributary of the River Ribble) and the River Roddlesworth.  It aims to do this by increasing the riverine habitat connectivity.  For this project, this specifically looks to create a new fish easement in the form of a rock ramp, on a weir located at Lower Darwen.  This project is funded  through the European Structural Infrastructure Fund and Ribble Rivers Trust.  Although this project is below the thresholds for a full procurement procedure under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 – RRT is still under and obligation to ensure compliance with EU principles of transparency, equality and non-discrimination, as such RRT is conducting a formal open tender process in which all bidders will be treated equally, with no discrimination and through a transparent process.

Set out below are the Tender Documents:

Document Reference
Invitation to Tender BLDFE01
NEC Short Contract BLDFE02
Lower Darwen Weir Rock Ramp GA BLDFE03
Lower Darwen Weir Rock Ramp RC BLDFE04
Lower Darwen Weir Rock Ramp CAD file BLDFE05
Topographical Survey BLDFE06
Design Risk Assessment BLDFE07
Background Project Information BLDFE08
Environmental Risk Assessment BLDFE09
Local Condition 1 Form BLDFE10
Environmental Permit Method of Work BLDFE11
Temporary Works Diagram BLDFE12
Environmental Impact Assessment BLDFE13
Tender Assessment Matrix BLDFE14
Procurement Timetable BLDFE15
Site Map BLDFE16
Site Plan BLDFE17
Site Photos BLDFE18
Services Water BLDFE19
Services Elec BLDFE20
Services Gas BLDFE21
Services Telecom BLDFE22