Angling Clubs

As all anglers know, a healthy river is paramount to the quality of fishing. Without a clean, natural, and well-functioning river system no wildlife can survive, including fish.

Ribble Rivers Trust was founded over 20 years ago by a small group of anglers who all had the same aim; to improve the catchment for wildlife and people. The last two decade have seen some amazing work, and big changes at the Trust, but our goals remain the same.

By working with angling clubs in the area Ribble Rivers Trust have already been able to produce some clear benefits. In addition to the physical river improvements, our education team have been able to introduce a whole range of young people to the world of rivers and fishing, helping to create the next generation of anglers and river guardians.

Your club can support this work, and much more, ensuring that continued improvement to your river and fishing are made, from the top of the catchment to the estuary. Each club pays a different amount, depending on the number of members that you have, helping to make sure that each club can support our work in an affordable way. Plus, we’ll send you copies of our annual newsletter, and our monthly supporter bulletin.

Email for more information on how your fishing club can help us.