OUR Douglas Contract Opportunity 4

Opening Up the River Douglas – Contract Opportunity OURD04

Contract Opportunity Closed – 7th December 2020

Tender Query Clairifications Published – 5th November 2020 – see updated document below

Contract Opportunity Opened – 15th October 2020

The Opening Up the River Douglas programme (OUR Douglas), funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), aims to specifically address and improve fish passage in the Douglas Catchment, creating a fish easement which allows for the passage of all fish species at all times.  As such the project is advertising this contract opportunity for the construction of a embedded rock ramp fish pass at the weir downstream of Worthington Lakes.  Although these works are below the thresholds for a full procurement procedure under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 –RRT is still under and obligation to ensure compliance with EU principles of transparency, equality and non-discrimination, as such RRT is conducting a formal tender process in which all bidders will be treated equally, with no discrimination and through a transparent process.

Set out below are the Tender Documents:

Reference Document
OURD-WW36a Tender Query Clarification
OURD-WW37 Topographical Survey
OURD-WW01 Invitation to Tender
OURD-WW03 Design Plan A
OURD-WW04 Design Section A
OURD-WW05 Method of Works
OURD-WW06 Environmental Risk Assessment
OURD-WW07 Environment Impact Assessment
OURD-WW08 Invasive Non-Natives Species Method Statement
OURD-WW09 Site Photos
OURD-WW10 Design Phase Risk Assessment
OURD-WW12 Pre-Construction Information
OURD-WW13 Site Access Map
OURD-WW14 Site Location Map
OURD-WW15 Local Condition Form
OURD-WW16 Tender Return Assessment Matrix
OURD-WW17 Gas Service Check
OURD-WW18 Water Service Check
OURD-WW19 BT Service Check
OURD-WW20 Electricity Service 
OURD-WW35 Flood Risk Assessment Spec
OURD-WW36 Interpretation Board Spec