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Corporate support is and sponsorship is a really great way of showing your businesses commitment to the local environment and community, showing your customers and associates that you are a business that cares.

Ribble Rivers Trust’s projects are mostly grant funded, but unfortunately there are some things that grant funding doesn’t pay for, such as wildlife surveying, staff and volunteer training, project research and development, and site maintenance. The money raised from our corporate supporters ensures that the Trust has a regular, reliable funding stream, which can cover these vital costs. It also helps us to plan ahead, ensuring that we can keep protecting rivers and the surrounding area in the future.

On the other hand, corporate sponsors can pay for a specific activity or goal that is close to your, or your businesses, heart. For example, if you are passionate about education, you could sponsor our Rivers in the Classroom project, and we could use your money to buy education materials for us to use in schools, or outdoor clothing which can be lent to disadvantaged children, both of which grant funders won’t cover.

You can now also support our work through one to one donations. One for one donations are growing in popularity as a corporate giving method, and are useful as they have a direct link to your sales, and your profits. One popular method of giving is to plant a tree one tree for every order received, or to donate a set percent of your profits. This could apply to all your sales and services, or just one of your specific products.

It isn’t just your company image that is given a boost. If you are offering similar products as another company, in a similar price bracket, then showing you care for your environment and your community can really give your business the edge over your competitors and push eco-conscious shoppers towards your company. Especially in the competitive online marketplace.

Whether you are a tech start up, a small independent high street shop, or a major UK company with a multimillion pound turnover, Ribble Rivers Trust can help you to reach your green goals.

For more information on any aspect of corporate giving, email Charlotte at, read our corporate booklet below, or download it here.