Ecological Monitoring

Berried Female American Signal Crayfish
Berried Female American Signal Crayfish

At the Ribble Trust we have a number of ongoing projects which help us to monitor the health of the river and the wildlife the rivers support; these include the monitoring of invasive species, the monitoring of fish numbers and the monitoring of riverflies.

All of the information and data we collect from these surveys helps us to find out what the health of our rivers is like and consequentially what the health of the species living in the rivers should be like.

Our data also helps to indicate what the Trust and other groups should focus on and what areas of the river need improving by highlighting sections of our rivers which may have, for example low fish numbers. This can help to show what issues and areas the Trust and other groups need to focus on.

All the data we collect can also be shared and compared to the data collected by other organisations throughout the country, this helps to provide a wider view of our river network.

Together with the Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency the Ribble Rivers Trust to trial a new data sharing platform to help us to share data widely and appropriately.

Perch found at water meetings.