In light of recent changes to government guidance, Ribble Rivers Trust have made the decision to re-open our Angling Passport beats. Paper tickets will NOT be posted, an email will be sent to you once your purchase is complete, and this can be printed and used to fish. Tickets are NOT available from Mitton Hall Kennels, they are currently closed and they no longer have any paper tickets.

The scheme is operated through a unique token payment system, allowing anglers to access any of the beats when they want and without the need to contact anyone beforehand. Within the scheme there is a choice of venues which offer chances to fish small, challenging rivers and streams typical to Lancashire. These streams contain a variety of species including trout, grayling, chub, and dace.

The tokens can be used with many of the schemes throughout the country, resulting in a vast choice of fishing available through the scheme.

Tokens cost £2.50 each and are supplied in books of 5 or 10. The tokens are valid for any beat but can only be used once. Tokens come in two parts – the first part is posted in a marked letterbox, located near or adjacent to the designated parking place, at the start of the day’s fishing. The second part is a catch return to be posted in the same letterbox at the end of the day’s fishing.

Beats are rated according to their quality, ease of fishing and species of fish and cost between 2 and 6 tokens. Please make sure you complete a catch return (and post it in the token box) as this data is essential for monitoring the health of these rivers and provides useful information for other anglers. Tokens are only valid until the end of the year of purchase, and cannot be refunded.

Once you have bought your tokens you are free to fish at any time within the fishing season, the season start and end dates differ depending on what it is you are fishing for. The details of the various fishing seasons are below. These dates apply to all out beats with the exception of Mitton; the details of which are also below.

Sea Trout:  1st April – 30th September
Brown Trout:  15th March – 30th September
Salmon: 1st February – October 31st (catch & release up to 15th June)
Coarse Fish:  16th June – 14th March

Mitton (read these supplementary Environment Agency rules);
Game angling season: 15th March to 31st October
Coarse and Grayling season 1st November to 14th March

There are currently two ways to purchase tokens:

1. On this website, click on ‘buy tokens‘.

2. From Padiham Angling Centre, 17 Church Street, Padiham, BB12 8HF.
Open Monday to Thursday 8.00-17.00
Friday 8.00-17.30
Saturday 8.00-16.00
Sunday 8.00-12.00