Donate towards the Mitton beat repairs

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For many years our Mitton beat has provided a cheap and easily accessible place for people to fish. It is a stretch of water that is visited by hundreds of people every year, with anglers travelling from across the country to fish these waters.

Over the last few winters the access paths on the Mitton beat have suffered. High river levels and heavy rains have cause damage to the paths in the wood and there have been landslips into the river in several places. Our team have regularly carried out routine repairs and maintenance, but we have reached a point where this is no longer enough, and we will have to pay for specialist contractors to carry out the repairs for us.

As you may already know, the Mitton beat is part of our Angling Passport scheme. This scheme is designed to help people fish for affordable prices, breaking down the financial barriers that prevent young people from getting into fishing, and enabling everyone to have access to good quality beats, regardless of income or background.

A day’s fishing on our beats costs a fraction of the prices charged by other organisations and clubs. Ribble Rivers Trust want to keep these prices in place and the beats open so that everyone has the chance to fish and enjoy our wonderful rivers.

To make sure the beat stays open and remains safe we need to raise money to pay for these repairs. Our team will shortly be meeting with contractors to get quotes, but to pay for this we will need to raise money from donations, which we hope to use as match funding so that we can then apply for a grant.

Can you donate today and make sure that the Mitton beat stays open, and safe, for all to enjoy?