Pearson Web Services Ltd

Pearson Web Services Ltd is an eco-friendly SEO, consultancy and web design company based in the North West of England.

“When we set up this web services business, we did so with the desire to be environmentally responsible and therefore committed to regularly offsetting the carbon footprint produced by our website and workforce from the outset.

In just 6 months of trading, we have planted almost 600 trees and reduced over 18 Tonnes of CO2 by investing in certified climate projects around the World that remove more greenhouse gasses than our own carbon footprint puts in.

We also offset the entire carbon footprint produced by our client’s web activities too. We believe we are the first company in the UK to do that. We provide a full range of website services including website design, website management, website hosting, marketing and SEO.

This ethos is driven from our personal desire to do our part in protecting the environment. To give our children an example of how we should all be more environmentally responsible.

We currently invest in climate positive projects around the World, but we wanted to do something local and close to our hearts. Supporting a local effort is hugely important to us both in our personal and professional life and being able to put boots on the ground in an area we are contributing to just makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Therefore, we started looking for local projects and when we found the Ribble Rivers Trust we knew it was the right direction for us. We are very passionate about the Forest of Bowland and the River Ribble and will always chose to spend our down time in the area. Our directors even had their first date at the Inn at Whitewell but more about that love story on our blog page.”

Zoe Hannan
Strategy Director
Pearson Web Services Ltd

Why did we choose to become a corporate sponsor?
Supporting a local effort means we are directly supporting potential customers and securing our reputation in the community.
Attending local events will also increase positivity amongst our employees and clients and we believe that our activities will inspire our clients, who already care about using green digital services, to get involved with local, environmentally friendly activities too.