We are always working on a range of projects and activities which you can find out about here, you can find out about our main projects and programmes below:

Lancashire Woodland Connect

We have launched a decade-long campaign to double the area of woodland across Lancashire to ...
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Natural Course

The Natural Course project is a collaborative project delivered with the help of the Environment ...
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Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership project

Pendle Hill is the source of several streams in the Ribble Catchment, some flowing into ...
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Pendle Peat Project

Mearley Brook begins its journey on Pendle Hill, before flowing into the River Ribble near ...
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Primrose Lodge Blue and Greenway Project

Primrose Lodge Blue and Greenway Project (PLBGP) is an ambitious project to convert the former ...
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Ribble Life for Water

Ribble Life for Water us the second collaborative project to be progressed by the Ribble’s ...
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Ribble Life Together

Ribble Life Together is the ambitious flagship project of the Ribble Catchment Partnership, which is ...
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River Douglas Catchment Partnership

The partnership The River Douglas Catchment Partnership is a group of various individuals and organisations ...
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River Loud Farmers Group

In 2015 Natural England’s Facilitation Fund was launched, this initiative aims to organize events and ...
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Tidal Ribble

The Tidal Ribble area is a unique landscape characterised by large spreads of urban areas ...
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance- please read

Please note that, following Government guidelines and the fact UK Chief Medical Officers have now raised the Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk to the UK from moderate to high, Ribble Rivers Trust are taking precautions, and making changes to our day to day operations.

Some Ribble Rivers Trust staff are now working from home. If you wish to speak to a specific member of staff and you know their mobile phone number or email address please contact them in this way. Otherwise please contact us in the usual way.

Volunteer event cancellations

Dear volunteers,

It is with regret that we announce that we are postponing all volunteer activity with Ribble Rivers Trust. We know there are many benefits to volunteering, including the positive boost to mental and physical health, the chance to meet others and contribute positively to your local area. However, given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the most recent Government advice – asking everybody in the UK to stay at home and only go out for essentials such as food and medicine – we feel that continuing to include volunteers in the limited work we are able to do now would put people at unnecessary risk and be irresponsible. We all want to improve and protect our environment and rivers, but to do that we need to stay healthy and this must be our priority for the time being. We will continue to keep you up to date with the work we are able to do and will organise new volunteer days as soon as we possibly can. Please stay connected with us over the coming weeks and keep yourselves safe and well.

Refer to gov.uk/coronavirus for up to date information and guidance.

We will come through this and our environment and rivers will still need you, let’s make sure we’re all ready for it when the time comes.

Yours faithfully,

Jack Spees.