Fisheries Improvement Fund

The Fisheries Improvement Fund project hopes to link school based learning to physical river improvements by taking the local children who have taken part in the Trout in the Classroom scheme on site visits to Bashall Brook.

These site visits involve a morning of habitat improvements activities, such as tree planting, followed by an afternoon fishing with qualified coaches on Bashall Brook- one of the Ribble Trust’s Angling Passport beats.

It is hoped that these activities will help link the children’s studies to their environment and further their understanding of rivers and the environment as well as encouraging them to take up fishing in the future.

Additionally, the children will be helping to deliver river important benefits such as improving water quality by buffering and reducing inputs, helping to mitigate future climate change and contributing to the improvement of the fishery.


In previous years this project has been carried out in the Loud Catchment at Thornley Hall near Chipping; twelve pupils from Heasandford Primary School in Burnley travelled to the site and planted a total of 37 trees. The pupils then tried their hand at coarse fishing with the support of staff and volunteers from the Trust and the Loud and Hodder Anglers.

Mr Woodhouse, Year 5 Teacher at Heasandford Primary was full of praise for the day;

“It was a brilliant opportunity for children from an urban setting to experience the countryside and what it can offer. They all had a fantastic time and would love to do it again. For some it was the first time they had worn wellingtons and really enjoyed splashing in the mud. We would love to be involved in any future activities like this”


Thornley Hall after habitat improvement works
Thornley Hall after habitat improvement works


The project is supported by other partners including the Environment Agency, the Woodland Trust, United Utilities and the Landowner.