Volunteer Reward Scheme.

The Ribble Rivers Trust has a long history of working in partnership with volunteers, without their help we would not be able to carry out important work such as fencing, tree planting and invasive species control and to
show our thanks to our volunteers we have set up our volunteer rewaBronze Awardrd scheme.

When you volunteer for Ribble Rivers Trust you will receive a Certificate of Achievement, starting at Bronze upon completion of 25 hours work, Silver upon completion of 50 hours, Gold upon completion of 100 hours and Platinum upon completion of 150 hours.

Volunteering is a great way to keep active, meet new people and learn new skills whilst contributing to making a difference to the environment. 

In addition to the feel-good factor volunteering can be beneficial for those seeking work. Employers are attracted to people who have meaningful volunteer experience; in a competitive job market employers want to know what sets you aside from others and they love a candidate who has shown their drive, dedication and commitment by volunteering. The practical, social and work-related skills you gain will help you to stand out as a positive person with life experience.

Many college and university courses require their students to complete a set number of volunteer hours per academic year, our certificate scheme is an excellent way of proving you have completed your volunteer hours with a reputable organization. Once your course has ended and it is time to move on you will have a great edge over other candidates applying for the same jobs or university places as you.

All our recent data has already been entered on our volunteer database so some of our volunteers are well on the way to getting their first certificate!