Walkover surveys

River walkover surveys are quick and easy to carry out but can pick up some vital information about the health of a watercourse and what can be done to improve it. Surveys can pick up on pollution, erosion, invasive species and native wildlife, all of which are important for us to know about. You can do a river survey at any time of year and different features will be apparent in different seasons. You could survey your local stream, or a river where you like to go walking. Alternatively, there are some sites with specific issues where a survey would be very helpful. These will be posted on this page shortly.

If you get in touch with us before doing your survey, we can provide you with a detailed map of the area and highlight any issues to look out for. We may also be able to lend you a GPS unit to accurately record locations.

Once you have filled in the survey form, please post it back to us, or scan it and email to https://ribbletrust.org.uk/contact/, along with any photos. If you have too many photos to email, you could upload them to a site such as Dropbox, Flickr or Google Drive.