Volunteers are incredibly important to the Trust as they are the vital manpower we need to help deliver our habitat projects. They also make a much more rounded project by taking an active role in protecting local rivers and streams – this helps to ensure that the river is looked after in the long term and that the work done is sustainable.

Did you know that thVolunteers_wavinge Ribble Catchment covers over 800 square miles and is home to over 1.25 million people? Our volunteers are the eyes and ears of this vast area.

With their help we monitor the water quality and report on pollution incidents, as well as keeping track of the whereabouts of key species like otters and water voles. Throughout the year there are also opportunities to take part in surveys which range from riverfly monitoring to river walkovers. People are often surprised at just how full of fish, invertebrates and other wildlife our rivers are.

We also monitor invasive species like Himalayan balsam, Japanese knotweed and American mink; they are a significant threat to our native wildlife and will continue to spread unless they are monitored and controlled. This is something which couldn’t be done without our volunteers who can not only report sightings but can also take an active part in helping to control the spread of plants and weeds.

Volunteers also play a major role in our efforts to clean up the Ribble Catchment, every year we get help from hundreds of people! In a few hours you can make a huge difference and you will see the rivers transformed. Many hands make light work, all we need is a few hours of your time!

Another of our activities are fencing and tree planting which often go hand in hand! Putting up fences along river banks we can help flora to flourish and improve the quality of the river and trees help to provide more stable river banks, filter pollution, reduce flood risk and maintain cool water temperatures. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before,  as we provide training and tools.

With over 1,400 miles of rivers and streams in the catchment there are opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get involved. It is incredibly rewarding and an excellent opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and meet like-minded people, as well as gaining experience and learning new skills. All your help is appreciated and volunteers can do as much or as little as they can manage, basic training is provided free of charge.

We can’t be everywhere at once, but with a dedicated team of volunteers on the ground, we can get pretty close!

If you would like to volunteer please send an email to admin@ribbletrust.com to put your name on the mailing list and you will receive notifications of upcoming volunteer events. If you haven’t got time to volunteer but would still like to contribute why not become a member? For further details visit our membership page.

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