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UK river prize winners 2022

Ribble Rivers Trust is a UK based charity working to improve, protect and promote the River Ribble for both people and wildlife.  We are based in Clitheroe, an ancient market town at the heart of the Ribble Valley, and work with the public and many organisations to deliver river improvements across the entire Ribble catchment.

In 2022 we won the award that affirms our ability. Ribble Rivers Trust are proud winners of the UK River Prize which, each year, is awarded to the organisation that has done the most to improve their rivers.

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There are four different factors we look at to decide how healthy a river is; water quality, water quantity, habitat health, and habitat connectivity. These four factors are all linked to each other and are the foundations of a healthy and well functioning river ecosystem.

If there are any problems affecting these four factors we can work to resolve them, and make our rivers healthier.

To do this we have seven key activities that we work on; engagement and education, woodland creation, fish passage, wetland creation, farm advice, farmland habitat improvements, and last, but by no means least, data and evidence.

Focussing on these activities enables us to ensure all the work we undertake serves a purpose and that all our projects are necessary and relevant to our aim of improving the Ribble catchment for wildlife and people.

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  • Drinking water and rivers; protecting our natural resources
    Drinking water and rivers; protecting our natural resources

    The UK water industry treats over 15,000 million litres of water a day, which supplies to almost every household. The UK’s water conforms to some of the strictest levels in the world, and our drinking water comes from many locations including rivers, groundwater aquifers, and reservoirs. It is then some pretty intensive treatment to control…

  • Sunshine, streams…. and shade?
    Sunshine, streams…. and shade?

    Rivers are the lifeblood of our ecosystems, supporting a huge range of wildlife species. However, these ecosystems are delicate, and even small changes in river conditions can have significant impact on this balancing act. One factor that is often overlooked is the role of shade providing river woodlands in regulating water temperature, which is essential…

  • Bathing Water Designation Secured for Edisford Bridge
    Bathing Water Designation Secured for Edisford Bridge

    Ribble Valley residents have been granted their very own designated Bathing Water site thanks to the Ribble Rivers Trust’s Safe to Splash campaign. Following an extensive application and consultation process, Defra have today announced that Ribble Rivers Trust’s application to designate Edisford Bridge, Clitheroe as a bathing water under the Bathing Water Regulations has been…