Meet the team

meet the Ribble Rivers Trust team of staff

Meet the Ribble Rivers Trust team, these are the staff delivering great projects on the rivers and countryside of Ribble catchment.

The data and evidence team

Ellie Brown
Strategic Evidence & GIS Manager

Ellie is a Conservation GIS professional who specialises in developing landscape-scale analyses to target works where they are likely to have the greatest benefits for wildlife, the environment and people. Ellie also leads Ribble Rivers Trust’s Data and Evidence Team.

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Henry Long
Data & Evidence Officer

Henry’s role focuses on data collection, which he does by coordinating citizen scientists, managing the Water Rangers in the Ribble catchment, and through his own monitoring. Henry is a skilled ArcGIS and QGIS user as well as taking the lead with SCALGO software.

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Luke Sherwood
Fisheries Officer

As the trust’s Freshwater Scientist, Luke works closely with the Data & Evidence Team, where he uses his impressive knowledge of freshwater habitats, and their residents to design and carry out project-specific and investigative monitoring strategically around the catchment.

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The Land management team

Kathryn Oddie
Head of Land Management

As the Head of Land Management, Kathryn manages the farm and woodland teams. The team aims to work with farmers and landowners to reduce diffuse water pollution, increase wildlife, improve water quality and most importantly support farm businesses.

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Bethany Ryan
Woodland Creation Admin Officer

Bethany works on the woodland team at the Trust, developing woodland projects through to delivery. This involves screening the woodlands to ensure they are located and designed in the best way to benefit the environment and people, as well as meeting the Trust’s aims.

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Hettie Varley
Farm Advisor

Hettie joined the Trust in 2023 and works as a Farm Advisor in our Land Management team. Hettie’s day to day work involves working with farmers and landowners to deliver farm based environmental improvements which benefit farm businesses and nature.

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Jonny Walker
Land Management Project Officer

Jonny is a project officer in the land management team at Ribble Rivers Trust (RRT); working with the farm and woodland teams to link and buffer rivers and wetlands, woodland and shrubland in our agricultural landscape.

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Heather Whalley
Farm Advisor

Heathers day to day work involves working with landowners and stakeholders to deliver environmental works which tie in with the Trust’s efforts to improve Natural Flood Management and reduce Diffuse Water Pollution.

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The people and learning team

Neil Ashworth
Education Officer

Neil joined in 2013 to help run the Rivers in the Classroom project as part of the URES project in Burnley, and is now developing an initiative to run fishing lessons in schools as well as helping to develop further educational activities that can be linked into school curriculums.

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Emily Taylor
Education Officer

Emily joined the Trust in 2017 and, after a few years as a stay-at-home mum, returned in 2023. Emily is a qualified primary teacher and L3 Forest Schools leader and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm through environmental education

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Rob Cooper
Projects Officer

Rob joined the team as an apprentice through Ribble Life Together, gaining skills and knowledge through working at the Trust, and attending college. Rob is now a Volunteer Supervisor; planning activities, and delivering improvements across the catchment.

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Jane Godfrey
Outdoor Learning Offier

Jane is an outdoor learning officer working in the education team and leads on Coastal Explorers. Programme aims include; increased physical activity and health/wellbeing benefits to local primary school children, as well as key curriculum learning focussed around rivers.

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Harvey Hamilton-Thorpe
Head of People & Learning

Harvey joined Ribble Rivers Trust in 2015 and leads on partnership and engagement activities. Harvey manages environmental education, community projects, apprenticeships, work experience, health and safety, training and events.

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Helen Smith
Community Projects & Activities Officer

As Community Projects & Activities Officer, Helen engages with the public about all things rivers. Helen involves local communities in the work of the Trust via face-to-face events, activities and workshops, but also through information boards, digital events and social media.

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The River Conservation team

Guy Mason
Project Manager

Guy joined the Ribble Rivers Trust in May 2022. Guy’s main role is to manage the capital works projects, these include fish passes and weir removals, habitat creation and natural flood management.

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Adam Walmsley
Head of River Conservation

Adam is another long member of the Ribble Rivers Trust’s staff team. Having started as a volunteer in 2008, in 2011 he completed his Master Dissertation with the Trust. Adam then joined the team as the Lancashire INNS project officer before taking on capital projects.

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Adam Wheeler
Fisheries Officer

Adam is the Fisheries Monitoring Lead, responsible for delivering and reporting on the Trusts annual electric fishing programme. Outputs from these surveys help identify and support future works on the catchment as well as monitoring the impacts of river restoration.

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The core services team

Charlotte Ireland Pope
Fundraising and Administration Officer

Charlotte is a fundraising officer at Ribble Rivers Trust. Generally, Charlotte’s day-to-day work involves building relationships with corporate partners, and individuals, to raise money for the Trust’s endeavours.

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Catherine Jaggs
Office Manager

Catherine Jaggs is one of the longest-standing members of the Ribble Rivers Trust’s staff team, having worked there for over a decade.  Over the years, she’s been involved in almost every aspect of the Trust’s work, from tree planting and ecological monitoring, to publicity and partner relations. 

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Jack Spees
Director and CEO

Jack is at the head of the Ribble Rivers Trust staff team. Having started at the Ribble Rivers Trust in 2008 as the Fisheries Scientist Jack was made Trust Director in 2010. Jack now oversees the work undertaken by the Trust and the team as well as providing a wealth of information on all aspects of the river environment.

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