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ribble rivers trust

Ribble Rivers Trust is a UK based charity working to improve, protect and promote the River Ribble for both people and wildlife.  We are based in Clitheroe, an ancient market town at the heart of the Ribble Valley, and work with the public and many organisations to deliver river improvements across the entire Ribble catchment.

The Trust was formed by six volunteers in 1998, all motivated by a need they had seen for an organisation that was locally driven with river and stream conservation at its core.  Originally we were known as the Ribble Catchment Conservation Trust, and while this is still our registered company name, we operate today as the Ribble Rivers Trust.

In 1999 we obtained Charitable Status and for several years delivered all of our physical improvement projects on a purely voluntary basis.

Today, the Trust has ten Trustees, who volunteer a wide range of skills and experience that are necessary to the function and activities of the Trust.  We also have a great team of employees with a vast skills and knowledge base, actively delivering great projects throughout the Ribble catchment.

The Ribble catchment, including the Douglas catchment which we have recently taken responsibility for despite it having always been a part of our catchment,
The Ribble catchment- please click to enlarge

The Ribble catchment covers an area of over 750 square miles and contains more than 3479 miles (5,600 kilometres) of watercourses.  As well as the Ribble we look after the River Calder,  River Hodder, River Darwen, and River Douglas sub-catchment. This means that we not only look after all these rivers, but all of the rivers, streams, and becks that flow into them.

As a non-profit organisation, we are reliant on grant funding opportunities and donations to fund the activities of the Trust and achieve on our shared conservation aspirations for the River Ribble.

We are proud to have become a charity that visitors and local people alike have become proud and supportive of, and have become a valued partner in delivering river improvement projects with many organisations, including Government Agencies, Local Authorities and Non-Governmental Organisations.  We are committed to and excited for the future and the improvements we can help deliver.

Charity number: 1070672
Company number:3498691
The Ribble Rivers Trust is the operating name of the Ribble Catchment Conservation Trust Ltd.