Dedicate a tree

dedicate a tree in Lancashire

Whether you want to mark a milestone, remember someone special, or just give someone a unique gift, you can dedicate a tree in Lancashire through Ribble Rivers Trust.

When you dedicate a tree in Lancashire you do so much more than give money. You provide urban trees for communities that are disconnected with nature, you help us plant fruit trees on school grounds, and you provide homes for wildlife.

When people dedicate a tree through Lancashire Woodland Connect we'll make sure it's planted here in this county.

Trees capture carbon, improve air and water quality, prevent soil erosion, reduce flood risk, provide shade and shelter for wildlife, and contribute to a more beautiful landscape. They’re also the perfect long lasting, and completely natural, monument too help remember a special person, or a special occasion.

Every tree dedication will form as part of Lancashire Woodland Connect. This decade long campaign will strengthen the bond between people, trees, and nature. Thanks to this project, we’re connecting existing woodlands in Lancashire by joining up existing woodlands, and creating new woodlands. Overall, in the next decade, the campaign will double the area of woodland in Lancashire. This means half a million new trees in the county. And we’re not working alone. Both Lune Rivers Trust and Wyre Rivers Trust have partnered with us so we can reach this goal together.

You can be a part of the campaign and help make your local community greener and cleaner. All it takes is a donation of £15.00. Your tree will be planted on a site which you can access. As soon as your tree is in the ground, we’ll give you a map of your woodland. Then, once a year, we’ll give you updated on the woodlands progress until it reaches maturity.

So, what are you waiting for, dedicate your tree and protect your planet today!