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When you become a supporter of Ribble Rivers Trust you help us to conserve and improve the River Ribble, and all the rivers that flow into it, for wildlife and people.

Rivers are the heart of the natural world, and the heart of everything that we do. For over two decades our dedicated team have been using their vast knowledge of the local area, and the natural world, to improve over 375 miles of rivers in Lancashire and North Yorkshire. As a charity, all this work is possible thanks to grants and donations like yours. You can become a supporter and help with this vital work.

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When you become a supporter of Ribble Rivers Trust you show your care and commitment to local rivers, communities, and the wider environment.

Although a large proportion of our work is grant funded, there are some activities that grant funders won’t pay for. By becoming a supporter, you can help us to carry out the activities at the core of our organisation. These include project research and development, wildlife surveys, volunteer and staff training, and site maintenance.

Your support also means we have a regular, reliable funding source. Funding like this helps us to carry out a wider range of work, and to plan ahead. This means we can protect your rivers now, and in the future.

Supporters are vital to our work; from conserving and restoring habitats, to helping farmers transition towards greener businesses, to inspiring and supporting children from our catchment’s diverse backgrounds and communities. Your funds can turn into amazing things.