charity cards by jessica jenyns

Here at Ribble Trust we’re lucky enough to have teamed up with local artist Jessica Jenyns for another gorgeous range of charity cards.

Jessica’s latest range draws inspiration from beautiful birds, with seven swans and eight geese taking centre stage this autumn/winter. But these aren’t just any old charity cards! Each card is handmade, and hand finished using recycled materials from the UK. Plus, Jessica uses an Eco Tank printer, taking away the need for wasteful ink cartridges.

Jessica says; “Inspiration for my work comes from the natural world which I adore and cherish. As well as creating artworks which people love, I want to give back to the environment and do my part to help and protect it as best I can. The project I am involved in with Ribble Rivers Trust is my dream of weaving together my passion for art and nature.

You can buy our charity cards, and a whole range of unique, handcrafted, and beautiful artwork on Jessica’s website-  just click here.