CMAC Group

A map of the Ribble catchment including the rivers Ribble. Hodder, Calder, Darwen, and Douglas

Ribble Rivers Trust are pleased to announce that CMAC Group have joined Ribble Rivers Trust’s growing network of corporate supporters. CMAC Group join several other Lancashire based companies that are showing their commitment to their local environment. Together we are working to conserve and improve the counties rivers and landscapes.

Accrington based CMAC Group provide transport and accommodation solutions on a global scale, from rail replacement services to emergency repatriation. Like many of the amazing companies that are based in the area, the multiple award winning CMAC Group are looking at ways of supporting their environment and communities. Plus, with their silver corporate package, they have the added benefit of corporate away days!

As a charity, corporate supporters like CMAC Group is particularly important. Grants from government bodies and other funders pays for most of our work. Often this doesn’t cover important costs like research and development, surveys, or education and work in schools. Instead, the income we get from our supporters pays for these vital costs.

You can find out more about CMAC Group through their website, or learn how your businesses can support Ribble Rivers Trust here.