Kindeva supporting Lancashire’s rivers and woodlands

A map showing the area that Ribble Rivers Trust cover, and where we will be making improvements to Lancashire's rivers and woodlands

Our network of supporters continues to grow! Kindeva Drug Delivery has now joined us in our efforts to protect and conserve Lancashire’s rivers and woodlands.

As a global brand with innovation at its heart Kindeva is a company with a focus on results. By becoming a supporter, the company has shown it’s commitment to the areas human and wildlife communities. Kindeva’s manufacturing facilities are based in Clitheroe, close to the Ribble Rivers Trust offices, and they are one of the towns largest employers.

This new partnership comes at a time when almost every local and national government body has declared a climate emergency. Together with companies like Kindeva we can build on the work that we have already done. Plus, we will ensure the area is more resilient to climate change, flooding, habitat loss, and plummeting wildlife populations.

You can find out more about Kindeva on their website, or discover more about corporate support here.

Lancashire’s rivers and woodlands.