A map of the Ribble catchment, where Ribble Rivers Trust and Panaz will be working on environmental improvements in Lancashire.

Ribble Rivers Trust are proud to have partnered with Panaz for a scheme which will support environmental improvements in Lancashire.

Burnley based Panaz are following in Lancashire’s rich tradition of textile production and innovation, whilst working to put the environment at the forefront of their design and manufacturing process. Additionally, Panaz are pioneers of low-water waste fabric printing and can create textiles that are made entirely from recycled bottles.

All proud Lancastrians know of the areas industrial heritage, the cotton mills which shaped the landscape of the north, and the rivers systems which made this area the heart of the industrial revolution. This heritage, and the links to rivers, make this partnership all the more significant.

Starting this autumn, Panaz will donate the equivalent of one tree for every 100meters of fabric sold. An arrangement which will see a significant boost for the area’s woodlands, rivers, and wider landscapes.

As a charity, support from partnerships like this is particularly important. Grants from government bodies and other funders pays for most of our work. Often this doesn’t cover vital core costs. Instead, partnerships like this help to make our area a cleaner and greener place for wildlife and people.

You can find out more about Panaz through their website, or learn how your businesses can support Ribble Rivers Trust here.

environmental improvements in Lancashire.