At Serco Citizens Services, we have many commitments to social value causes. This touches every part of our business, from making sure our employees are well and feel included, to actively working on environmental sustainability.

With a large workforce across the UK, Serco is in a great position to support initiatives that can create positive changes both within our company, and our local communities. This is why we choose to partner with organisations and charities that can help us reach out and support a wide range of causes that all our people can get involved in.

We’re proud to support the Ribble Rivers Trust. This partnership is a perfect match for us; it supports our social values and pushes us towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. The amazing work the Ribble Rivers Trust does, engaging with communities, helping local schools, and teaching young people about protecting biodiversity, fits right in with what we stand for.

Working with the Trust means we can easily encourage our people to be actively involved in, and care about conservation.

Since our partnership began, we’re seeing the incredible impact of their innovative work, especially through our school sponsorship and their efforts to care for the Ribble Rivers. This collaboration is making a real difference, it’s creating an excitement among our employees which is great for moral.

We’re very excited about what this partnership will bring in the future and hope to continue driving positive change for our community and employees.