Call of Nature campaign appeals for septic tank maintenance checks on World Toilet Day

Susannah Bleakley, Chief Executive at the Morecambe Bay Partnership highlighting that your toilet might be closer to rivers and seas than you think.

World Toilet Day is a UN initiative taking place on Sunday 19th November with the aim to improve global sanitation. Although the majority of the North West waste water is safely treated through the United Utilities network risks to local rivers and seas are still prevalent through privately maintained waste water treatment works.

The Call of Nature campaign has been designed to inform occupants of septic tanks, cesspits & package sewage treatment plants about the risks their tanks pose to animals and the environment if their facilities are poorly maintained.

Poorly maintained tanks are often incidental in nature with owners simply forgetting that the maintenance of their tanks is due. That’s why LOVEmyBEACH officers Hannah Barnes and Stephanie Wyatt are visiting areas around Haverigg, Millom and Seascale on Friday 17th November raising awareness about the campaign, reminding residents to check their tanks and suggesting World Toilet Day as a notable date for future checks.

Rosie Law, Project Officer from West Cumbria Rivers Trust added;

“We work a lot with farmers to ensure agricultural practices don’t impact water quality in the area but while we are out and about we often see a number of poorly maintained household septic tanks. It would be great if householders could do their bit to protect our rivers and seas by checking annually that their facilities are connected right and maintained properly.”

The information pack and website contains everything owners need to know about septic tank maintenance and also includes some top tips on efficiency such as only ever flushing the 3p’s; pee, poo and paper and avoiding any fats and food going down the kitchen sink. For those owners who are on top of their maintenance the website provides insight into new regulations that come into force in 2020.

Susannah Bleakley (pictured), Chief Executive at the Morecambe Bay Partnership added, “The Call of Nature campaign has led to some great improvements to the quality of our rivers and seas. This year’s bathing water results are evidence of this, with 100% of the locations passing standards for a second year in a row! We hope that septic tank owners can help to maintain, and improve, these standards by conducting a check this week.

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