Embrace the Spirit of Giving: Dedicate a Tree This Christmas

In the wake of 2020 which, let’s face it, tested all our resilience Lancashire Woodland Connect emerged as a promise for a greener, more sustainable future. This visionary campaign, launched by Ribble Rivers Trust, aspires to double the expanse of woodlands across Lancashire over the next decade. It’s more than a tree-planting initiative; it’s a movement to create a connected community committed to fostering a healthier environment.

Imagine a Lancashire adorned with lush, thriving woodlands, creating a green tapestry that weaves its benefits into the fabric of our communities. This is what we will achieve through Lancashire Woodland Connect. After all, this is not just a project; it’s an ambitious journey towards transformation.

But why trees?

One of Ribble Rivers Trust's woodland schemes, supported by those who dedicate a tree

Trees are nature’s superheroes, offering much more than just a pretty view. Not only do these mighty giants purify our water and air, protect and replenish our soils, and creating sanctuaries for native wildlife. But they also help to combat climate change. By planting a staggering half a million trees, we can provide an army of river guardians. Together, they will stand united shielding our rivers, and all the river dwelling creatures that rely on them, from extreme climates and weather events.

How can I join the green revolution?

It’s simple. You can be a part of Lancashire Woodland Connect by dedicating a tree. With Christmas round the corner, why not make the decision to shift the focus from material gifts to a more meaningful and sustainable gesture. For just £15, you can play a pivotal role in supporting tree-planting and habitat creation projects throughout Lancashire.

Lancashire Woodland Connect aims to raise £500,000 annually. To do this we will be drawing from the generosity of public and private sector partners, grants, and the wider community. The progress has been commendable, but the potential is boundless.

So, dedicate a tree this year. Not just as a gift for a loved one, but as a symbol of your commitment to a sustainable, thriving future. Let’s turn this festive season into an opportunity to contribute to a legacy of woodlands that will stand tall for generations to come.

Together, let’s sow the seeds of change and transform Lancashire into a greener, cleaner place for wildlife and people.

When you dedicate a tree, you help us plant woodlands like this.

Dedicate a tree

It costs just £15 to dedicate a tree. Once your donation is complete, you will receive an automatic email confirming your donation. One of our team will then drop you an email within a day or two to ensure we have all the right information so that we can make out a certificate with your gift recipients details. Alternatively, once you have made your donation, you can email us at admin@ribbletrust.com and tell us exactly what you’d like us to put on your certificate.

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