Ecological Regeneration in Lancashire

Community Investment and Cooperation for Ecological Regeneration in Lancashire, usually referred to as Ecological Regeneration in Lancashire, is a new project which looks to explore how private finance could fund future environmental projects.

The project, which was made possible thanks to NeIRF funding, focusses on three areas in our catchment. The River Loud catchment, Long Preston Deeps, and the River Hyndburn catchment. Our aim is to develop an alternative governance model which will help to generate investment through green finance.

Tell me more about Ecological Regeneration in Lancashire

Caring for our soils could be a big part of Ecological Regeneration in Lancashire

It might sound like a complicated idea, and the work behind it is pretty complex. Essentially, we’ll be putting a price on our on the ground actions and the environmental improvements they bring. Following this we’ll then find financial funding from businesses and investors which will support these actions.

As always, the project’s ultimate aim is to improve our catchment’s landscapes and waters. Specifically, to improve water quality improvements, capture carbon, increase biodiversity, and decrease flood risk.

The type of activities really varies. However, they include soil and nutrient management, grassland management, woodland creation, hedgerow creation or restoration, and NFM (natural flood management) activities such as leaky dams.

Ribble Rivers Trust is already has a serious amount of experience in the delivery of ecosystem services thanks to our team’s huge variety knowledge and expertise. Plus, over the last quarter of a century we’ve established relationships with a range of key stakeholders. Our contacts include land managers, regulators, water companies and investors.

This project has the potential to develop an innovative approach to connecting ecosystem services and private sector investment. Indeed, we believe we could replicate this across England. In the future we hope this will deliver the blended finance and governance for ELMs landscape recovery.