Panaz: supporting local woodlands

Panaz and Ribble Rivers Trust are proud to announce our exciting new partnership! This partnership promises to deliver on the ground environmental projects in Lancashire. Plus, it will also support Britain’s Green Canopy as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The partnership will see the equivalent of one tree sapling planted in Lancashire for every 100 meters of Panaz fabric sold. This is particularly important as the county currently has just 6% woodland cover; less than half of the national average.

Panaz will be helping Ribble Rivers Trust deliver environmental projects in Lancashire, like this woodland scheme planted at Crown Wood, Burnley
Panaz will be helping Ribble Trust deliver environmental projects in Lancashire

The woodlands and habitats planted through this partnership will; create new homes for wildlife and boost biodiversity, improve water and air quality, reduce flood risk, and create places for people to relax, exercise, and immerse themselves in nature. These trees will also help to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by taking in carbon as they grow. Over time this will help to reduce the effects of climate change.

Based in Lancashire, Panaz are proud to are continue the county’s historic heritage of textiles and innovation, while recognising the importance in protecting Lancashire’s natural beauty. Panaz were the first company to pioneer low-water waste fabric printing, which has since become the industry standard. The company are also the first to offer contract quality printable textiles made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

Support from businesses is really important to Ribble Rivers Trust. Most of the money for our projects comes from grant funders, but these grant funders will only cover certain costs. Often vital work like research and development, surveys, and even our work with schools isn’t covered. The money raised by our supporters helps to cover this work, which is at the core of all our projects. You can explore our website to find out how you, or your business, can become a supporter and help deliver environmental projects in Lancashire.

You can find out more about Panaz, and their environmental initiatives on their website:

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