Start a new adventure with Geocaching

Have you heard of ‘Geocaching’?

If not, you’ve been missing out! Geocaching is an exciting treasure hunt, which takes place in a hidden outdoor world that is literally all around us. Anyone can take part in geocaching, and it’s a fun, free, and family friendly way to get outside and discover new places whilst looking at the world around you in a whole new way.

Geocaches, the treasure you are hunting, are containers that can be found in parks, cities, woodlands, up hills and, of course, near rivers. There are millions of them hidden across the globe.

But this is more than an adventure and a treasure hunt, it’s a chance to get outside and enjoy all that the area has to offer, from urban parks to wild rivers. Along the way you’ll get to learn more about the area, see places that you didn’t know existed, and look at the world from a whole new angle.

Plus, as we know, spending time outdoors and in nature goes hand in hand with good mental and physical health. Geocaching will help you stay healthy whilst having fun, and guide you to places filled with beauty, peace and calm.

As part of our Ribble Life Together project we’ve hidden seven geocaches around the Ribble Catchment for you to find. You can find out more by visiting our profile page at and signing up for free. What are you waiting for!




Dunsop Bridge

Lower Darwen



If you’d like to share them, please send us photos of your river walk and geocaching expeditions to

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