Work experience, by Marco Dobson

From the basis of wanting to do an enjoyable and interesting work experience, I contacted the Ribble Rivers Trust (RRT). Through one week of working among the people here at the RRT, I have learnt so much like fish ID, invertebrate ID, knowledge of land, tree ID, erosion defence techniques and much much more. The people here have helped me understand the importance of the work that the RRT team do: without this work, the River Ribble Catchment would not see the improvement in rate of erosion, fish spawning, visiting fish, flooding and more.

In only one week, I have managed to go out doing the electro-fishing and been to eco-conferences teaching and showing other people the importance of this organisation and what they do. After having three days of going out electro-fishing, I have been taught about many different types of fish and their characteristics. Also looking at all the invertebrates close-up has shown me that there is so much more in water than expected. All in all, I have been amazed at how well that the River Ribble Catchment is being managed and sustained by the Ribble Rivers Trust. Also, I have had an amazing week here and it has only made me want to do more work like this.

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