Fishing equipment appeal success!

Over the last few months we’ve been appealing to the angling community to try and gather together more equipment for our angling coaching, and we are delighted to announce it has been a great success.

Thanks to generous contributions we now have a range of equipment including rods, nets, reels, feeders, floats, and much more!

Ribble Trust recently introduced angling into the schools packages to educate young people about the benefits of rivers and teach them how to care for their local environment. This equipment will be a huge help to us with this work.

Our angling sessions go hand in hand with our Rivers in the Classroom sessions. By introducing young people to angling we hope it will promote a sense of responsibility towards rivers and encourage young people to look after their local environment whilst enjoying sport and learning new skills.

The angling tutoring also help to improve young people’s communication and team work skills, physical and mental wellbeing, and increase confidence. Experiencing nature and the outdoors, enjoying peace and quiet and positive interactions with like-minded people will reduce stress and anxiety, improve self-esteem and result in happier, more positive people.

As a sport angling has multiple benefits, plus it is relatively low cost and accessible with the majority of people able to get involved. By getting people involved with the sport at an early age it is hoped that they will develop lifelong love of angling and of course, rivers!

Photo courtesy of Todmorden Angling Society
Photo courtesy of Todmorden Angling Society
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