meet our great team of staff

Meet our great team of staff, delivering great projects on the rivers and countryside of Ribble catchment

Jack Spees<br>Director and CEO
Jack Spees
Director and CEO

Jack started at the Ribble Rivers Trust in 2008 as the Fisheries Scientist before being made Trust Director in 2010. Jack now oversees the work undertaken by the Trust and the team as well as providing a wealth of information on all aspects of the river environment.

Harvey Hamilton-Thorpe<br>Deputy CEO and Head of People & Learning
Harvey Hamilton-Thorpe
Deputy CEO and Head of People & Learning

Harvey joined Ribble Rivers Trust in November 2015 as Programme Manager for the Ribble Life Together and is currently our Deputy CEO and Head of People & Learning. This means he leads our people focussed activities such as the Ribble Life Catchment Partnership, volunteering, environmental education, community projects, engagement activities, work experience placements, apprenticeships, training and events. For more information about the Ribble Life Together programme, visit https://ribblelifetogether.org/

Catherine Jaggs<br>Office Manager
Catherine Jaggs
Office Manager

Catherine joined the Trust in 2010 and now manages the office, assists with the Trust’s finances and compiles our grant claims. In addition, Catherine helps to publicise our projects and their impacts by creating our newsletters, designing publications, issuing press releases and managing our social media accounts.

Charlotte Ireland Pope<br>Fundraising and Administration
Charlotte Ireland Pope
Fundraising and Administration

Charlotte joined the Ribble Rivers Trust part time in 2015 in order to assist the management staff and fulfil the additional administrative duties required as part of the Ribble Life Together Project whilst working towards a degree as an adult learner. Charlotte now works full time completing a range of administrative duties.

Adam Walmsley<br>Projects Officer
Adam Walmsley
Projects Officer

Adam started as a volunteer in 2008 and in 2011 he completed his Master Dissertation with the Trust. Adam then joined the team as the Lancashire INNS project officer in 2011 before taking on capital works projects. Between 2017 and 2020 Adam created 30 woodlands and delivered 15 wetland and 14 fish pass projects as part of the Ribble Life Together programme.

Adam Wheeler<br>Fisheries Officer
Adam Wheeler
Fisheries Officer

Adam joined the Ribble Trust in 2017 as the catchment’s Fisheries Officer. Having volunteered previously with the Trust as a survey assistant, his main role currently is to deliver the annual electric fishing programme alongside planning and delivering river habitat improvements.

Alice Deacon<br>Assistant Projects Officer
Alice Deacon
Assistant Projects Officer

Alice recently joined Ribble Rivers Trust as an Assistant Project Officer for the HEAL (Health & Environmental Action Lancashire) project which began in September 2021. Alice is currently studying a part-time master’s degree in Conservation Management at Edge Hill University, which has already given her a lot of in-depth knowledge about conservation, ecology and land management.

Christi Lloyd<br>Education & Engagement Officer
Christi Lloyd
Education & Engagement Officer

Christi joined us on the 2nd March 2020, taking over the role of Education and Engagement Officer. Christi lives locally and brings with her a excellent knowledge of outdoor education, as well as a passion for the outdoors, sports, and crafts.

Ellie Brown<br>Strategic Evidence & GIS Manager
Ellie Brown
Strategic Evidence & GIS Manager

Ellie joined the team in 2015 as part of the Ribble Life Together project. She combines her love of wildlife and the environment with her knowledge of GIS (mapping software) to support many aspects of the Trust’s work. Catchment-scale analyses to aid the Trust’s strategic planning of projects, to target locations where they will have the greatest benefit; collating and mapping evidence to support funding bids; creating interactive maps for the Trust’s website to educate and inform the public; managing the Trust’s GIS datasets; and helping other members of the team with various mapping tasks are all in a week’s work for a GIS Officer. Ellie also manages or assists with other non-GIS-based data and evidence aspects of the Trust’s work.

Emily Bateman<br>Education
Emily Bateman

Emily joined the Trust in 2016 as part of the Ribble Life Together project to take the Rivers in the Classroom education programme into schools. She is also developing a series of circular walks and getting colleges and other community groups out to enjoy, learn about and protect their rivers. Emily is a qualified primary teacher with previous experience of working in environmental education and freshwater scientific research.

Heather Whalley<br>Farm Advisor
Heather Whalley
Farm Advisor

Heather is a farmer from the Hodder Valley, with a passion for the environment and combining sustainable farming and conservation.  With a great knowledge of the local area, her work as a farm advisor she will be to engage, visit and support farmers to make positive changes for the catchment.

Helen Smith<br>Community Engagement Officer
Helen Smith
Community Engagement Officer

Helen joined the team in 2018. With a background in community engagement in the environmental sector, Helen organises our engagement activities including; events and family activities, guided walks, wildlife talks and workshops. Helen is also arranging the installation of interpretation panels at our completed projects and is involved with our river-related arts projects.

Kathryn Oddie<br>Farm Advisor
Kathryn Oddie
Farm Advisor

Kathryn joined the team in 2019. Kathryn works as a farm advisor for the trust on the Ribble Life Together project and runs the River Loud Facilitation Fund group. As well as being a local farmers daughter, she has a background in agri-environment and environmental monitoring.

Kristina Graves<br>Woodland Creation Officer
Kristina Graves
Woodland Creation Officer

Kristina began working for the Trust in 2019, joining us to fill the new role of Woodland Creation Officer. Having worked on a range of habitat projects Kristina has an excellent knowledge of woodlands and ecology which is already proving to be a huge asset to the team.

Leanne Tough<br>GIS & Projects Officer
Leanne Tough
GIS & Projects Officer

Having completed her MRes at Imperial College London in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (having previously completed a BSc at Lancaster University), her first thesis compared Riverfly Monitoring Initiative data in North London to long term EA invertebrate trends. Leanne has joined as a GIS and Projects Trainee, supporting GIS evidence and project delivery.

Neil Ashworth<br>Education Officer
Neil Ashworth
Education Officer

Neil joined in 2013 to help run the Rivers in the Classroom project as part of the URES project in Burnley, and is now developing an initiative to run fishing lessons in schools as well as helping to develop further educational activities that can be linked into school curriculums.

Richard Atton<br>Projects Officer
Richard Atton
Projects Officer

Richard has worked for the Trust for a number of years. Working on a zero hours basis Richard helps out with a variety of projects and activities, particularly woodland creation and farm advice, as well as running his own business.

Rob Cooper<br>Projects Officer
Rob Cooper
Projects Officer

Rob joined the team as an apprentice under the Ribble Life Together project, gaining skills and knowledge through working at the Trust, and attending college. Having completed his apprenticeship Rob now works as our Volunteer Supervisor; planning activities, and delivering habitat improvements across the catchment.

Sarah Bolton<br>Farm Advisor
Sarah Bolton
Farm Advisor

Farm Advisor Ribble Rivers Trust welcomed Sarah back to the team in 2020. Sarah will be working with farmers, giving advice and guidance, as part of our Ribble Life for Water project, specifically working with farmers in the Mearley sub-catchment. Having previously worked at the Trust full time, Sarah is now working on a part time basis.